Precision Magnesium®

Cost savings:

Faster machining

Machines up to 30% faster than brass and no burrs.

Dry machining

No need for coolants which add cost.

Longer tool life

Processes with standard cutting tools with typically 30% more tool life vs brass.

Low energy required

Only 4 to 9

Technical benefits:


33% lighter than aluminium; 75% lighter than steel.

High strength

Can withstand loading associated with foiling. Compression strength is designed to endure accidental multi sheet feed without crushing the die.

High heat resistance

High heat resistance for hot foiling.

Better heat dispersion

Conducts heat evenly for clean, crisp images at lower temperatures.

Standard Plate Sizes

610 x 914 x 6.35 mm/24” x 35.9” x 0.25” sheet

610 x 914 x 7.00 mm/24” x 35.9” x 0.27” sheet

Precision Magnesium® surface is polished to photo engraving plate tolerances and a protective film applied, plates are thermally flattened and stress relieved and ground to gauge.

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