Marathon Mag

Luxfer Graphic Arts is delighted to announce the next generation of Magnesium photoengraving plate.

Marathon Magnesium has been developed to bridge the gap between Copper and Brass foiling and embossing dies aiming to give a greater durability and press life whilst benefiting the engraver with the attributes of Magnesium photoengraving.

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    Technical benefits:

    Enhanced, finer details

    Smoother, straighter shoulders

    40% harder than standard Magnesium

    Faster etch rate

    Standard Photoengraving Mag

    Marathon Mag

    Only available in HYDRO-SOLVE

    610x914x6.35 mm/24”x36”x0.25 thou

    610x914x7 mm/24”x36”x0.276 thou

    Hardness of Standard Magnesium, Marathon Magnesium and Copper

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