The Opti-Image brings the existing and trusted Lüscher computer to plate technology to our customers who require the next generation imaging of foil and embossing dies. 

The Opti-Image caters for both mid and large range consumption of magnesium photo engraving plates making the enabling technology available for all.

“Powered by Lüscher” and retailed through LGA the Opti-Image comes with the customer satisfaction of both plates and equipment working seamlessly together.

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    Eliminates Photo Film and Chemistry

    No more maintenance of tired image setters

    Right first time every job imaged perfectly

    Fast sustainable technology

    Technical Specifications

    • Capable of imaging a plate size of 500 mm/19.7” x 650 mm/25.6”
    • 2400 dpi image resolution
    • Available with 16 or 32 diodes
    • Imaging speed for a maximum plate size 12 minutes 32 diodes/24 minutes 16 diodes
    • Capable of imaging plate thickness’s from 1 mm/.040” to 7 mm/.278”
    • Compatible with our full range of photo resists
    • Software upgrades available
    • Remote diagnostics and maintenance available from our OEM Lüscher

    the only one stop shop for photoengraving plates, chemicals and sundries.