Because of our quick turnaround, it is essential to have someone like Luxfer because we know the consistency and the quality of the plates. We know at the beginning of the day when we put a plate in, that we’re going to get the results we want immediately without any unfortunate errors.

Joe Holden – Second Manager
Owosso, Michigan – USA

We depend on Luxfer for the magnesium and the chemicals, without them, we would not be a leader in our industry.

Craig Ellenburg  
Owosso, Michigan – USA

Luxfer supplies us with very high-quality magnesium plates that are very pure and also the chemicals that we get from them are very high quality, for this reason, we chose Luxfer as our partner.

Paul Herman – Director
Repro Hermans, Rotterdam – Holland

The products we buy from Luxfer are highly durable and they allow us to keep very fine registration and they allow us to decorate in a way that most other folks can’t.

Our relationship with Luxfer continues to evolve, we find ourselves considering them a true partner in our business. We have worked with them on deliveries and methods to get products to us timely in terms and we are glad to have them as one of our key vendors.

Jerry Merges – President
VisionMark, Sidney, Ohio – USA

Some of the reasons we use Luxfer’s product are because we can etch a wide open etch part to a fine line graphic.

Denny Nagel – Plant Manager
VisionMark, Sidney, Ohio – USA